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Hotel de Glace the Quebec City Ice Hotel

Posted in Architecture, Interiors, Personal by harkinsphoto on February 6, 2015


Cold? You don’t know cold until you spend a little time in the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City.

A short bus ride from the Chateau Frontenac we toured the Ice Hotel just as twilight was setting in.

More like an ice bar lounge with rooms, we enjoyed the elaborate ice sculptures and rooms each with their own theme.

There is even a chapel for that special wedding package.

Drinks were served in ice carved blocks for those adventurous enough.

What I was looking for was a nice hot latte but alas not to be had.

You can actually stay overnight in the rooms as check in time is 8PM, but for the life of me I wouldn’t have lasted a hour on those beds.

Maybe it was the -2°F temps that I woke up to that morning.

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  1. cynthiafarrweinfeld said, on February 7, 2015 at 11:28 am

    Kevin, beautiful pictures of this Quebecois gem! I don’t think I could’ve stayed overnight there either, but what a treat to see this hotel!

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