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Mill Power Launch Party Views

Posted in Event, Portrait by harkinsphoto on October 16, 2014



Great night for the book launch party for writer Paul Marion’s Mill Power.

Paul along with others, read from the book and helped celebrate a story long in the making.

Here is a link of his own words of the event.

You can learn more at www.richardhowe.com and Dick Howe’s coverage of the night.

I was proud to have a small part of this along with other notable photographers.

Here are just a few views from the night and some of my final portraits selected for the book.

Shown here are Adam Baacke, Sovanna Devin Pouv, Sheila Kirschbaum, Linda Sopheap Sou, Corey Sciuto, and Sarah Peskin.

Tomorrows final post on this will be some of the views not used in the book but may be the start of an ongoing project I will continue.

I hope to capture many more of the people that helped make the Lowell National Historical Park possible and document these precious individuals.


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  1. Nancye Tuttle said, on October 16, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Thanks for posting these, Kevin…look forward to seeing many more images!

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